Random Site of the Month: The Zoomquilt
Weird but cool... [warning: it may make you dizzy]

Random Site Archive
A compilation of sites previously chosen as Random Site of the Month
The site of my partner in crime, Jessica. Her blog, ThotSpot, is amusing. Be sure to check out her believeinthewitchblade site for great Witchblade music videos and fanfiction.
Television without Pity
If you are tired of networks treating viewers like brainless twits, you will absolutely love TWoP recaps of current popular tv shows. [A current favorite are the recaps for the abysmal show, Tru Calling.]
Get Fuzzy
My current favorite comic strip -it's about Rob, his sweet dog Satchel and his crazy monkey-eating cat Bucky.
The Story Syndicate
The next time you're in Los Angeles, check out a performance produced by the Story Syndicate. You won't be disappointed. [Yeah, I stole Jessica's description - she just summarized it so well.]
Lots of short films for all tastes.
Eddie Izzard
He's hilarious; several performances are available on VHS and DVD. His current show, SeXie, is touring now.

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