Wohl hits Miami Beach

Miami, FL is home for me - and Wohl had never been there. So I took him home for the holidays. We visited my favorite spots in South Beach & the surrounding Art Deco District.

Notice the pretty aqua color of the water...

The view up the beach...
...and the view down the beach - late December & it's crowded.

Wohl loves volleyball.

This is Wohl pretending to be Fred. Silly cow...

South Beach lifeguard towers, unlike the SoCal towers we saw, come in a variety of colors:

PURPLE (Note Wohl, once again, on a lifeguard tower.)
[I swear that the lifeguard working at this one could be Fred's brother.]

AQUA (Wohl, now pretending to be Eric...sigh...)



This pic was taken on the "boardwalk", facing south. The beach is bordered by a small, grassy dune (barely visible on the left), then the boardwalk and park(right). Across the street from the park is the Art Deco District.

The view of the beach from the hotel side of the park.

The view of the the hotels from the beach side of the park..

Wohl, catching some rays on the boardwalk. The house peeking through the trees belongs to the Versace family.

Cruisin' with Wohl on the on the causeway from the mainland to the beach. The traffic was reminiscent of our trip to SoCal. [Also, he rode in the same red purse.]

A very bad picture of what really is the beautiful skyline
of downtown Miami. On the lower right, you can just
make out the American Airlines Arena.

From the causeway, you can see the Port of
Miami; it's not unusual to see a cruise ship or two
coming to or leaving port.

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Random Quote: "There was sun enough for lazing upon beaches, There was fun enough for far into the night."

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