Wohl hits SoCal (again)

Yes, Wohl and I went back to California - the opportunity arose and we were off. We visited the Huntington Library & Gardens, the San Gabriel Mission (pics from those coming soon), the Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Anthony Cistaro & Wohl at Zero One - aren't they both charmers?
[Wohl had not met Anthony & was pretty nervous, but Anthony put him right at ease.]

Wohl wanted to go home with Anthony.
[Honestly, I can't take Wohl anywhere!]

First stop: The historic Queen Mary

She's a big ship
~ overall length: 1,019.5ft (310.74m) ~
~ height from keel to forward smokestack top: 181ft (55.17m) ~

The tour takes us into the engine room...


...and out onto the deck where it was drizzling & overcast...

Right: Long Beach skyline Below: The Verandah Grill (and, no, I didn't mis-spell "verandah" -that's what it's called)






...where we stood at the Deck Gazebo (which is used for wedding ceremonies)

Wohl on deck...ready to command the Queen Mary.

Wohl in front of the impressive smokestack [he is such a *guy*]...

He really liked them, so much so that he insisted on this "artsy picture"

The view out a porthole in the medical ward.

Captain Wohl on deck! [the bridge of the Queen Mary]

The tour also took us inside, but I'm afraid I didn't take as many pics as I should have. However, within the Captain's quarters, I was amused by this book. We were encouraged to explore, and we found the beautiful Art Deco ballroom (and you know how much Wohl likes the Art Deco). Wohl, of course, stuck his head in my pic:

[You may recall this ballroom since it (as well as various locations
on the ship) was used for an episode of The X-Files.]


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