Wohl hits SoCal
[pictures with green borders are courtesy of Jessica]
[pictures with blue borders are courtesy of akarabid]

What took us to Southern California? The 2003 International Surf & Health Festival volleyball tournament held at Manahattan Beach, CA. Here's Wohl with some of the boys from the Los Muchachos team.

Yeah, chicks dig Wohl.

A trip to SoCal is not complete without a trip to Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica.

Above: Wohl checks out the trade paperbacks. (hmm... he's curiously drawn to Witchblade...)

Right: Wohl browses through the back issues.
Here's Wohl at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Left: at the fierce T-Rex fountain

Wohl lounging on Manhattan Beach - He does love the sand.

Yes, that's Wohl with a can of Diet Dr. Pepper. (shameless product placement)

Wohl at the 34 Street lifeguard tower.
(I think he hoped Baywatch chicks would show up.)

Cruisin' with Wohl on the 405 freeway from Santa Monica back to Manhattan beach...of course, we quickly came to an abrupt halt...
Behind the scenes! :) Akarabid captured me taking a pic of Wohl - my pic didn't come out.

This is how he traveled with me throughout Santa Monica.


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