Assorted wormieness - a picture gallery, stuff I gotta think of...just some randomness. It's not meant to be serious summaries or analyses - only a look at what strikes my fancy and why...

Wohl's Travels - Since I don't "do" pictures, you can follow the adventures of my very intrepid stuffed cow, Wohl....

Witchblade Iansanity is a site dedicated to Witchblade-related humor (and home to my Witchblade fanfic) & is under reconstruction. Some pages may not be available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Salty Monk Pictures is the home of LEGO® Witchblade; you can also find my fan music videos there.

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Random Quote: "The skin is only what we want others to see of us, underneath it not even we know who we are."

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